Katharina Kohls, PhD

Assistant Professor
Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL


Open5GS Network Setup
Setting up a 2-VM 5G network

The following guide explains how to set up a virtual 5G network consisting of the Open5Gs Core and an UERANSIM access network. We use two virtual machines running Ubuntu that connect to each other through a NAT. After finishing the guide, you should be able to connect a UE to the Internet through the core network, interfere with the UE and gNB through a command line interface, and sniff the core network traffic of the individual network functions.

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Osmocom SIMtrace on Manjaro
Card emulation and SIM tracing

Setting up the SIMtrace 2 on a manjaro/arch machine cost me quite some nerves, as this special setting introduces some extra challenges that are not covered in any of the existing guides. In the following, I explain my step-by-step set up process and document some of the major errors I ran into. After going through the guide, you should be able to run the card emulation or SIM tracing firmware on you SIMtrace 2.

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